We've had quite a few requests for day tours on Tuesdays for this year so I'd like to clarify that while we are open for business on Tuesdays the Westray ferry timetable is different during the summer (3rd May-28th September, allegedly). The boat leaves Kirkwall very early (7am) and then returns from Westray three hours earlier than the other weekdays, which makes it an unsatisfactorily short day over here. Unless you are staying over in Westray on the Tuesday, or are leaving by plane, we recommend booking a day tour on one of the other weekdays.

Happy New Year, best wishes for 2020. We had another busy year and are now taking bookings for the new season. We�ve had a few issues with folk�s booking requests not getting to us, should you make an enquiry via the calendar and you don�t hear from us within a day or two, apologies, please send us an email or phone. Thanks.

A very happy New Year to all our previous and prospective guests. Its a bit calmer here after a blowy few days after Christmas. The sea has been crashing over the cliffs at the North End (Scann). We are already taking bookings for this year and looking forward to welcoming more visitors to Westray in 2019. Best wishes from Andy and Karen. 

The season is very much underway - the puffins are back and can be viewed in the evenings. Up at Noup Head the cliffs are filling up with gannets, fulmars, kittiwakes, guillemots and razorbills. We are still having a few technical issues with our website I�m afraid - you should be able to contact us and access most of the site but the availability page is showing up spaces where we don�t have any! We don�t as a rule do tours on Sundays. Please fill in the enquiry form as normal and we will get back to you asap with our availability as some days are already fully booked. Thanks.

12th March 2018

Apologies if you have tried to contact us via the website - it appears we are having a few technical issues with it so please ring us (01857 677777) or email (info@westraak.co.uk) if you want to get in touch. Thanks.

28th January 2018

Despite some mixed weather we’ve had our first tours of the year. We won’t be able to take phone calls for the next two weeks so if you need to contact us please do so via our website or email. Thanks. 

24th December 2017

Happy Christmas to everyone who joined us on a Westraak tour in 2017. We thoroughly enjoyed our first season and look forward to showing Westray off to more fine folk in 2018.

5th October 2017

The season is drawing a close but we are still here should any intrepid souls wish to tour Westray with us during the winter. We’ve had a few folk miss our email replies, please check in your spam folders in case they drop there. If you phone us please leave a number so that we can get back in touch.

During the winter we intend to update our website in preparation for next season.

18th June 2017 

At long last we have a Facebook page


17th April 2017

Karen and Andy Penn are delighted to be taking over Westraak Tours. We thank Graham and Kathy for all their hard work and dedication in establishing Westraak and making it such an asset to Westray and we are very grateful for the trust they have shown in us in taking over their business. 

We look forward to welcoming visitors to Westray and showing off this special place. The puffins are here in good numbers, Noup Head is full of life. The fields are getting greener everyday and filling up with lambs and calves.

28th February, 2017

Westraak Guided Tours:               

Book your Westraak Tour for 2017 and 2018. 

Come to Westray - even if  for only a week or two!   The peace and solitude here is the ideal tonic and you will go home fully refreshed.

Here, on Westray, you can really feel the remoteness and slip into the island way of life for a short spell.   We promise you that you will feel the benefits - immediately you arrive.

There are excellent facilities, with a variety of accommodation opportunities, eating out and sightseeing.

Then, of course, there is Westraak, where we provide Guided Tours.

Book your Westraak Tour for 2017. Westraak is open all year round for Tours of Westray.   You can check our ’Bookings’ page for availability.   
Should you have a date in mind for 2018, please check the Bookings page and book online or call us on 01857 677777 or E-mail on info@westraak.co.uk.   
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If you want to see the other services available here on Westray, please visit www.westraypapawestray.co.uk
Come to Westray and get a ’feel’ for the remoteness and experience real island life.   If there is any aspect of your proposed trip to Orkney that we can help with, call us or E-mail and we’ll be delighted to help. 
Puffins will return to their nesting sites in 7 weeks time and will be here until end of July.  

We await the Gannets, Razorbill, Guillemot Kittiwake and Fulmars return to Noup Head RSPB Reserve in 7 - 8 weeks time.

More about Westray and Papay:

Take a look at Mark Whatmore’s video at   https://vimeo.com/159503484


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